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Red Hats For Trump

Join us to celebrate the US ARMY, Flag Day, and President Donald J. Trump’s Birthday!  FIRST 20 PEOPLE TO RSVP WILL GET A TALK 94.5 FM T-SHIRT!
Meet Liz Callaway of TALK 94.5 FM and Don Bowne of Red Hats for Trump at 11:30 am at the 810 Bowling Parking Lot in The Market Common on Friday, June 14th for our RED HAT WALK WITH TALK 94.5 FM. Wear your MAGA Red Hat or buy one from Don at the event for $10 (optional), Wave your Flags and WALK WITH TALK 94.5 FM. Our RED HAT WALK WITH TALK 94.5 FM will begin at HIGH NOON at 810 Bowling, continue around the big lake at GRAND PARK and end at 810 Bowling. Stay for Lunch at 810, if you like – Red Hat Walkers will Enjoy a 10% discount!
Questions? Email Liz at

Come join Red Hats for Trump  

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